Travelling with us is... Simple

Group trips are one of our favorite parts of being a travel agent in the travel industry. It's another opportunity to travel with friends and friends of friends! Simply Travel agents put together open groups (which means our clients, friends, and their friends are welcome to join) and private groups (which means its exclusively your trip and whomever you invite). The best part of group trips is that the occasion is typically super casual for the guests. You can join in on the group happenings when you want, or you can enjoy some you time! It's still your vacation. 

Simply Travel Groups are heading to the places people daydream about. Joining our group, or hosting your own, is the best way to go! Literally. Being a part of a Simply Travel group means you may qualify for group rates and additional perks for travelling with us! All the more reason to group travel if you ask us! 

Learn more about our group travel opportunities below. Or to start planning your own group trip, let's get in touch!